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Objective: To create an ecosystem contained in a bottle with both terrestrial and aquatic environments sealed to the outside world. Hypothesis/Predictions: I predict the fish will last for 3 days. I predict the crickets will last for a week. Materials: 1. fish 2. Water 3. 2 plants 4. Soil 5. Rag 6. Graphite 7. 2 Liter Bottle (2) 8. Tape 9. 2 Snails 10. 3 crickets Procedure: Cut top off 2 liter bottle and bottom off another. Fill the one without a top with water and put a…show more content…
The fish and crickets are still moving. The plants look a bit unhealthy but otherwise fine. The flowers are beginning to bloom. Day 4 5/29/07 The water is a medium dark color. The fish is still moving. The plants looked chewed up. Day 5 5/30/07 The water has become dark yellow. I can?t tell if the fish is alive. The crickets are still moving. Day 6 6/4/07 The water is a dark yellow. The plants are growing mold. 1 cricket is still alive when 2 crickets are dead and the fish is still alive. Day 7 6/6/07 The water is a Chinese tea color. The fish seems lively. The cricket is the last survivor of the terrestrial environment. There is much mold on the plant yet there seems to be growth. Day 8 6/7/07 The water is still a Chinese tea color. Many of the features of yesterday are prevalent. More mold growth has occurred but other then that the environment is the same. Day 9 6/8/07 The water is still a Chinese tea color. More mold (Or could it be spider webs?) has dominated the plant. 1 cricket is a survivor and the fish thrives. Conclusion: Throughout all the eras of this vast world there have been different devotions and feelings. Leaders have risen and fallen and systems of government (As invincible and as strong as some may seem) have done the same. Of course over the thousands of thousands of years of human history has existed the urge to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

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