Ecology Of Humans : The Carbon Below

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Brandon Seidel
May 1st, 2015
Ecology of Humans
The Carbon Below
For the past 20 years, there has been a heated debate going on about a problem which is very concerning for our world and the foreseeable future. This issue is the ever pressing concern of global warming, as greenhouse gasses are continually released into the atmosphere due to both natural processes, as well as from our own human interactions and are needs and uses of carbon, adding to the problem. But for the majority of the time in which this notion of “global warming” has been presented to us, most of the debating has been less about what can be done to help prevent and slow down it’s progression, and more about the less important things such as whether or not the warming was even a real thing to be concerned about or if we actually had a part to play in it all, with a large standing supporting both sides of the debate. However, as time progressed into the current time frame, petty topic such as that should not be a part of the big picture we see today, because regardless of whose fault it is or it’s validity, global warming is definitely happening with a whole lot of evidence in many areas to show how it has been effecting our environment, with a snowballing effect. This can be apparent when looking towards one of the many topics pertaining about the problem; rising sea levels, and the melting glaciers and permafrost which is enabling the problem. Though theses problems in themselves are big problems in…
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