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A single taste and smell can influence people’s moods and affect their work performance. It also can bring back a flood of memories thought to be long forgotten. Our brain forges a link between the smell, taste, emotional feeling and memory, associating the individual and the interaction. Moreover, when you encounter the smell or taste again, the link is already there ready to elicit a memory or a mood. The usage applications to use this smell and taste interaction remotely can be used in many different kind of online services and it can be communicating with the user’s smartphone and the ideas of the applications that possibly can be utilized with many different kinds with smell-taste services using the mobile phone and Internet…show more content…
The digitize smell actuators using chemical smells case, the current smell actuation system is designed for embedding to a wearable accessory. It consists of a tiny smell actuator and its control system in mobile phone and the smell is subtly emitted from the small smell actuator. The current configuration allows a user to set his/ her preference smell identity using his/her mobile phone, and during a conversation with a partner, it seamlessly actuates a personalized choice of smell on their partner’s accessories. The accessory communicates with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The user can set his/her Bluetooth MAC address in his/her mobile phone app. The app helps him/her to connect his/her smell accessory to mobile phone automatically. The user’s Bluetooth on his/her mobile phone detects his/her partner’s a mobile phone, data containing the user’s name, contact number and his unique smell signature ID are sent to the partner through wireless interaction. In response, the recipient’s phone communicates with his or her accessory, which in turn emits the user’s signature smell ID after saving encounter logs. The tiny smell actuator module contains eight kinds of solid state aroma. Once a selected piece is heated to 46°C (115°F) with a wire, the right smell is released and the small speaker below of perfume heater helps pulsate the

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