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Executive summary This report is based on the company known as Wiggle which is the UK’s no 1 online cycle and Tri- sports retailer This report introduces wiggle company with a brief description of its history. The literature review of the report is about the supply chain and value chain of the business. The literature review describes about the supply chain and how the information technology affects the supply chain of the business. It also deals with the current strategy of wiggle and how the strategy is achieved with the future plans. In addition the report helps to find out the affiliation of wiggle to other companies and the advantages of the affiliation model. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: 3 1.1 Aim: 3 1.2. Objectives:…show more content…
A recent study conducted by the Forrester Research indicates that U.S manufacturers are dependent on the benefits of Information Technology to improve the supply chain, improve the cycle time and receive high efficiency in order to deliver the products to their customers within the time frame. Stevens defines Supply chain management as the “series of interconnected activities that are concerned with the planning, coordinating and controlling materials, parts and finished goods from the supplier to the customer and works as a transporting link between these facilities.” With the development of Information Technology the companies has adapted online communications which helps to increase the interaction between firm and the customer effectively. According to Bakos & Brynjyoolfsson (1993) Information Technology decreases transactional costs between the transaction costs between the buyers and suppliers and creates a more cooperative governance structure which finally results in closer buyer- supplier relations. The research revealed that the effect of information technology on Supply chain management are on 4 aspects which are purchase, logistic, firm, vendor relationship management and customer relationship management. 2.1.1. Impact of Information technology on purchase: With the increase in use of Information

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