Ecommerce Website Of And Select Online Transaction Module For Assessment

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1. Introduction
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this assessment is to identify external threats and website vulnerabilities related to, a famous retail chain competing against Walmart in the USA.

1.2 Scope
The scope of this risk assessment project covers the ecommerce website of The purpose of this risk assessment project is to take initiative to gather as much information about the website of and select online transaction module for assessment. The website is dedicated to its customers providing information about its merchandise for sale thru online catalogs and encouraging its customers to make purchase thru their website if they like an item. Hence the focus will be on the systems that support electronic commerce which is merchandise database, sales database, customer information database, etc. and other related functions the electronic commerce depends on.

1.3 Background a. Retail store name: b. Corporate headquarter location: Minneapolis, MN c. Industry: Retail store chain d. Company Profile: Target Brands, Inc. e. Management: Brian Cornell, Chairman & CEO; John Mulligan, EVP & CFO; Brad Maiorino, SVP & CISO; Jackie Rice, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer; Dawn Block, SVP- & Mobile Merchandising; Jim Fisher, SVP- Target Technology Services.
f. Website:

2. Risk Assessment Approach 2.1 The participants (e.g. risk assessment team members)

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