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Economics 4130 SP13 Exam 2 Review The exam will have 5, 10-point questions on it from the questions below. 1. The evolution of economic organization from hunter-gatherer to settled agriculture to more complex civilizations proceeded at vastly different paces in different parts of the world. Explain why the pace of development on the Eurasian landmass was so much more rapid than in Africa and the Americas. Describe and explain Australian development before European settlement. ❖ Eurasian Landmass Fast! • Technology spread quickly because of the East-West axis • Home to the majority of domesticated animals ❖ Africa and the Americas Slow! • Technology…show more content…
Water trade more cost effective than their established land routes. o Mediterranean agriculture was diverse but experienced very little technological improvement. Suffered from overcropping and overgrazing, then deforestation and soil erosion. o Urban nature of Italy made it particularly susceptible to the Price revolution and plagues because of its relatively higher population density. • Northern Europe (Scandinavia) o Remained very sparsely populated. o Subsistence, collective agriculture and primitive stock raising. o Need for timber and Swedish iron eventually integrated Scandinavian countries into the western European economy. 6. Why does J.U. Nef characterize the 16th Century as a First Industrial Revolution in Great Britain? (Hint: list the 3 characteristics of an industrial revolution according to Nef and provide the relevant examples of each). A. New industries 1. Paper mills 2. Gunpowder mills 3. Cannon foundries大炮铸造厂 4. Iron and Copper 5. Sugar refineries精练厂 B. New Techniques 1. Mining 2. Pumping water out of mines. C. New Technology—Conversion of wood to coal as basic source of fuel. 7. Explain Kenneth Pommeranz’ explanation for the “Great Divergence.” In particular,

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