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Adapted Homework, Ch. 11 (11 points possible) 1. “An Analysis of sustainability is similar to a five forces analysis.” Comment on this, focusing on the firm you’ve been studying for your term project. (1 point) A sustainability analysis is similar to a five forces analysis because they are focus on creating competitive advantage. The sustainability analysis is to analyze and find a way to compete with competitors and deal with potential entrants, in order to maintain profits in the long run. The analysis includes the company’s resources and isolating mechanism that help the company to sustain its advantages. The five forces analysis also analyze 5 factors, like supplier power, buyer power, competitors, new entrants, and…show more content…
4. The firm you’ve been studying for your term project has co-specialized assets. Has this firm prospered from its co-specialized assets? Why or why not? (2 points) The firm definitely has prospered from its co-specialized assets. You can definitely say like division like American eagle or the from the new union us airways express are assets that complement with the main airline because it reaches a different sector in need of shorter and lower demand flights 6. Are the following likely to create first mover advantages? Why or why not? (2 points: 1 point each) a. Toyota introduced the first commercially successful hybrid car. This will definitely create a first mover advantage. To be the first one of a product will create this advantage and put you a head of competitors. b. T-Mobile has introduced free phone calls from international locations. This case is not a first movers advantage example because this is not new for other telephone companies. A. Each of the following parts describes a firm that was an early mover in its market. In light of the information provided, indicate whether the firm’s position as an early mover is likely to be the basis of a sustainable competitive advantage, and explain why or why not. (2 points: 1 point each) 1) A bank has issued the largest number of ATM cards in a large urban area.

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