Econ 545: Business Economics Project Two: Microeconomic Analysis

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ECON 545: Business Economics
Project Two: Microeconomic Analysis

Situation B For Situation B, Cindy is looking at investing into the renewable energy industry. She is looking at one section of the industry to invest in, which is that of contracting the installation of solar panels. Cindy, has read, that families and businesses are saving money by going to solar for their power needed. Also, that there are government back regulation to make solar more assessable to people. For Cindy, she is looking pass the business opportunity for installing solar planes, but that this product can reduce pollution and help save the environment.
GDP and Solar Energy In the United States and most nations in the world, energy is vital in keeping
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Solar Resources are not only affecting the GDP for power, but in other areas as well. Over a million residential water heaters are replaced each year and more are being replaced by using solar power. The solar power is given an opportunity in use solar power as the primary heating source for homes and commercial buildings. Which can increase the amount of GDP that is spend, yearly on solar and a large share of the energy market.
Business Cycle, Unemployment and Inflation When looking at Renewable Energy, with a closer look at solar energy, there could be an increase in the use of solar due to the recession or a trough in the business cycle. The cost of renewable energy on the decline and the increase in the cost of more common energy production, there will be an increase in demand. In the last few years, when economy was in an expansion period, solar power cost did rise and so did the construction cost that caused projects to be stopped. With the recession, that was worldwide, reduced the overall price for the construction of solar panels and made for a rapid growth of equipment manufacturing in Asia. This added competition to the market and made it more affordable to use solar power in the United States. Renewable energy industry is taking more of a foothold, due to an increase in the price of coal and other raw materials that are
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