Econ 545 Micro Analysis Project

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Econ 545 Micro Analysis Project 1
Martika Watts
Fewer Physicians
Project 1 July 27, 2015
Reports show that there is a decline in the rate that physicians move. It is suggested that the economy is preventing physicians from jobs changes or retirement. The moving rate has declined over the years: 18.2% in 2008, 15% in 2009, 12.4% in 2010, and 11.3% in 2011. According to SK&A spokesman Jack Schember, common factors such as a big caseload, a better salary, or better community are not motivators to move anymore. Although there is a clear declining trend there is not enough to measure the market supply and demand for physicians.
This paper will analyze a physician’s careers and study the trends at which correlated with not moving and career availability in the field. This analysis will related this declining trend of movement to the Law of Demand and Supply focusing on the physicians.

Demand Determinants
The Law of Demand:
Demand is simply defined as goods and services that people are willing and have the ability to buy during a certain time at various prices. Demand in this study will be the request of the patient for medical services. The physicians demand estimates are focused on the recent utilization of healthcare and the delivery patterns. A current pattern of the utilization of physician services is observed as the level of services for what the U.S is willing and able to pay. The demand determinants are based on future demand trends in one of the

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