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Australian School of Business School of Economics ECON 2103 BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT SEMESTER 2, 2013 LECTURE SCHEDULE (WEEKS 7-12) AND TUTORIAL PROGRAM (WEEKS 8-13) 1 Econ 2103 Weeks 7 to 12 Lectures The second half of the course will look at some of the challenges, complex questions and conflicting forces faced by government in designing and implementing policy. The lectures will examine the issues faced by government in the areas of (1) redistribution of income (2) taxation (3) affordable housing (4) aging of the population (5) privatisation ( 6) wage regulation Lecture Schedule Lectures start in Week 1and finish in Week 12. Location: Monday 5 – 7pm CLB5 The lecturer for Weeks 7-12 is: Peter Nichols ASB465 Ph: 9385…show more content…
4 Week 9 23 -27 September Government and Tax Review Questions 1. Define vertical and horizontal taxation inequality. 2. Give examples of how vertical and horizontal tax inequity may occur 3. Distinguish between tax evasion and tax avoidance? 4. Why is the GST (in Australia) an example of a regressive tax? 5. How might goals of redistribution through the tax system conflict with the goal of economic growth Discussion Question 7 Explain some of the challenges faced by the Australian Government in maintaining an equitable and sustainable tax system. In your answer you may refer globalisation, political lobby groups, an aging population, tax avoidance or any other relevant issue. 5 Week 10 7-11 October Government and Affordable Housing Review Questions 1. Define the term “housing stress” 2. Name three factors impacting on the affordability of home ownership 3. Explain some factors impacting on the relationship between age and household tenure in Australia 4. Explain some of the factors behind the shortage of rental accommodation available to low income households. Is this shortage higher or lower in Sydney than in other capital cities? 5. Outline three ways in which government may attempt to make housing more affordable to low income families. Discussion Question 8 (a) What is meant by the term “affordable housing” ? (b) Is housing in Sydney more or less affordable now than

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