Economic Activities of Developing Countries

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The economical activities of the developing countries hugely borrow from the development of the road network systems. Road networks contribute notable about the 40% of the national traffics especially in the third world countries. However, the third world countries have a limited amount of necessary road lane that would facilitate the development prerequisite for the eventual prosperity vital for them. The road networks percentage is dismally low recording to 14% of the world total road networks. Most of the third world countries experiences congested road networks due to the extensive importation of the second hand vehicles that are cheaper but prone to poor quality. The rate of the development of the road networks is at a slower pace as compared to the pace at which the road networks are being established. The limited number of the roads available is usually overused thus leading perennial repairs and rehabilitation. South Africa has a better road network system as compared to other countries in Africa. The South African country poses good and effective performance in the economical growth borrowing from the extensive road network and the large amount of the natural resources available to its disposal. The country has initiated excellent practice of management that spurs its growth. China economy is on rise as a result to huge investment in the construction sector. The country developed international construction companies that has benefited from the lucrative African
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