Economic Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Civil War

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The Cause of the Civil War The North and South were involved in the Civil War and both developed different strategies. Each military had goals and problems. The cause of the Civil War had many factors, but economic advantages and disadvantages differences definitely played a fact in the war. The South had a few more disadvantages than the North, and what happened after the Civil War. Advantages and Disadvantages In the North, there was a railroad network that went across the states. The railroad was a well-developed system used to haul crops from farming, mining, and processing the raw materials. The North also had financing industries like banking and insurance that were assembled by the urbanized North during April 1861 to April 1865. In the North, the federal government had a very well-organized navy. In 1861, the North had launched and outfitted more than two hundred fifty warships and was in the making of a lot more ships. Warships allowed the blockade of the South’s vital ports. The North created the Anaconda Plan which is a plan that slowly squeezes the prey to death. The plan involved the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. This plan did not allow the South to send or receive shipments of resources or products that were needed. The army conducted of only about 16,000 men. The North had many advantages caused the North to expect a quick victory against the South. The North’s had a disadvantage in the war as they struggled most of the time to find a commander
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