Economic And Cultural Impact On The Quality Of Democracy Across The Globe Essay

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The study of how both economic and cultural factors influence differences in the quality of democracy across the globe is extremely important; insight into this specific political outcome will allow governments to analyse and promote potential democratic movement and policy as accurately as possible. In this essay I will use the most similar systems de-sign (MSS) to explore three case studies using statistical analysis of data with two de-pendent variables, in attempt to conclude the extent to which economic modernisation theory and cultural modernisation theory can explain variations in the quality of democra-cy in my chosen countries. I have chosen to study Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia due to their compatibility with the MMS design, given their variation in levels of democracy by Polity IV rating, yet their similarities regarding their strong Arab influence, geographical proximity, colonial history, religious and ethnic homogeneity, and their strong ties both historically and economically with Europe (Contreras, 2007, pp. 109-110). All three countries form part of the Maghreb region of northwest Africa which has historically experienced an enormously diverse flow of people across its territory, one example of this being its Euro-pean colonisation during the earlier twentieth century. Whilst each successive colonisation has heavily influenced the regions’ terrain and social habits, the Arab influence still domi-nates the region (Griffiths, 2015 p.166). This is easily

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