Economic And Environmental Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power

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A nuclear debate on the fuel cycle to the key economic and environmental advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power was held on the 3rd of March 2016 in Coventry University 212GED oil & gas students. My acting role as EdF Witness local employee from Sizewell Nuclear Power Station was to stand in favor of “Pro nuclear”.

The debate was to discuss why the committee should agree to deploy a nuclear power station in Heartlepool. Our main concern about the generation of energy by nuclear is the radioactive natural waste, the worry about its health and safety. It frightens the public as it being looked as a mas destruction or perhaps a nuclear weapons and this makes it hard for one to easily adopt to the benefit of nuclear energy but just a few realize the changes it bring to our lives over fewer years.

Nuclear plant uses Uranium atoms238. These are split in a process called fission, which releases energy that is used to make steam, and used to power a turbine to generate electricity. True the fuel is very radioactive and the harm to health could be cancer and for military security it could be use as a war weapon. (EDF Energy, 2016)

Another concern Dealing with, is the decommissioning of a nuclear plant and the challenges that are likely to occur during the cleaning of the material waste such as air and water pollution which harms the community, the devastating story, Fukushima…
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