Economic And Financial Forces Of Finance And Business

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In the summer of 2015 I emailed professor Kumar about potential research options in the Economics department. I wanted to focus on a topic that was tailored to my interests in finance and business, but I also wanted to concentrate on a topic that included studying the dynamic energies of business cycles and broader economic movements. Moreover, I wanted something specific, yet comprehensive, that would allow me to study a full range of economic and financial forces in an interesting and significant field. Professor Kumar led me to a set of ads for 16 companies in the 127-year-old Wall Street Journal’s first issue. These companies were diverse, ranging from finance and banking to transportation and mining, with many established before the Civil War. Although these companies’ industries differed greatly, many came to the same conclusion- bankruptcy. Others were engulfed by behemoths, decimated by private equity firms, or left to wither as time took control. However, a handful of companies weathered the economic storms of past centuries and still thrive today. Factors, including economic movements, public spending, technological changes, microeconomic activities, and even individual actions all led to different results for different corporations. I decided to research these factors and determine what effects they had on the different outcomes of each company. I have been researching these companies for over a semester and, fortunately, have been able to assemble a multitude

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