Economic And Social Conditions On The Health Of People And Communities Essay

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From the Lecture: 1. 
Many health outcomes such as obesity, average life expectancy, the infant mortality are directly related to the inequality within a society. Poor health and poverty are directly related to each other as the poverty level increases the health outcomes worsens. Inequality causes. We all know that people who live in poorer countries live shorter lives and this is directly related to the inequality. Unequally access to the healthcare, food, housing, education. Job that does not come with stress. 2. I think that economic and social conditions effect the health of people and communities. Economic and social conditions are resulted by the amount of money people have, by power, and by available resources and all of these are influenced by the policies. In short, if you are closer to the top of the chart, you are healthier because you have access to the resources to stay healthy which are good education, a job that pays good, quality healthcare, nutrition, housing, social support, and of course no discrimination. 3. When I think about illness is socially constructed the first thing that comes to my mind how the society sees the evilness and how people define it and how they react it. For example, here in the US when I go see a doctor, doctors do not want to prescribe a medication unless I am dying because they get paid by the insurance companies if they do not prescribe too much medicines. However, doctors in Turkey prescribes me many different kinds of
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