Economic And Social Decay Of Detroit

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Answer to question 1: As given, it is well-known that Detroit has gone through decades of economic and social decay and has one of the highest crime rates in the country. Meanwhile, Boston is home to some of the top universities and medical schools in the world and has one of the lowest crime rates. In order to investigate the above information, three socio economic characteristics have been chosen here. They are median household income, per capita income and individual below poverty line. When it comes, to assess the median household income, it is noted that median household income indicates the average level of income per household. This also explores that there are equal number of households that stay above this line and equal number of households that stay below this line. As shown in the appendices, the median household income for Boston remains far above that in Detroit. Therefore, it can be said that people that stay in Detroit are comparatively poorer, which enhance the crime rate. Again, per capita income of individuals can be defined as the total income of the city divided by its population. Therefore, a low per capita income indicates that there are either low income level or the volume of population is high. Now, both the low income level as well as high population directly related with crime rate. This is the reason, why in Detroit, the crime rate is comparatively higher than in Boston. It is known that there is a positive relationship between the social
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