Economic And Socially Advanced Nation

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1. Context: Netherland: nation under pressure With only 50% of its land exceeding one meter above sea level, the Netherlands, as the economic and socially advanced nation, is a low- lying nation threatened by the globally rising sea level. High tides wash away the existing soil of the city, making the foundations become less and less. The sea salt water intrudes into the fresh water, disturbing city’s water supply and the existing eco-system. One the other hand, the climate change also brings much more rainfall than ever and the increasing urbanism puts pressure on the urban sewage system. Those all make the nation vulnerable to flooding issue. Interconnected issues are subsidence, heavier population pressure for freshwater, as well as longer dry period and salinization etc. As a forecasting of global climate change, sea level rise could blow the devastated wind to the Netherlands drastically, on both social and economic aspect. Right now the Netherlands is protected from flooding based on a strong and extensive network of dykes, dams and dunes, spreading along Rhine Estuary-Drechtsteden
, southwest delta, Ijsselmeer region, rivers, coastal area and Wadden region. In order to keep more people and more economic value safe, Dutch people are rebuilding their infrastructure now and in a long term in these six regions. The next five chapters will focus on the innovative spatial strategy with specific approach following each section. 2.1. Promising strategies for the Wadden
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