Economic And Strategic Traits Of The Industries & Companies

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Examination of the economic and strategic traits of both companies will determine the attractiveness of an acquisition of Boston Beer Company (SAM) by Molson Coors (TAP). Analysis of industry factors such as the market size, market growth rate, competitive strategy, and diversification strategy for both companies will assist in the possibility of the acquisition.
Competitive Strategy
When assessing the competitive strategy of each company, it is necessary to look at each company’s product line.
Boston Beer Company (SAM) markets craft beer under the brand Samuel Adams and has a broad differentiation strategy. Their main product line consists of a wide variety of beers including ales, stouts, lagers, and pilsners to satisfy any beer drinker. The brand is most known for their flagship beer, the Boston Lager. They offer eight seasonal craft beers. The Rebel Family specializes in four IPA’s. The Brewmaster’s Collection includes nine beers created to offer unique twists to classic flavors. The Sam Adams Light brew appeals to the more health conscious, lower calorie concerned consumer. The rest of the Samuel Adams product line includes small batch beers, limited release brews, and a premium barrel-aged collection.
Further evidence of Boston Beer Company’s broad differentiation strategy can be found in its marketing activities. The company created differentiating attributes in its value chain by increasing marketing and

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