Economic Anxiety And The Issue With Emancipation

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Economic Anxiety and the Issue with Emancipation
Newspapers circulated within Franklin County operated as the perfect forum for the abundance of motivations and ideas when it came to race relations leading up to the civil war. Economic, religious, and political justifications for slavery dominated much of the newspapers discussion, arriving from a wide array of viewpoints and sources. Franklin county’s newspaper before the civil war served as a forum of discussion for the quickly changing everyday life that the American people were experiencing. Greater interconnectedness, specifically through newspapers, created a space for intellectual discussion that had previously been closed off to the common people. As newspapers popularity began to grow in the early 19th century, the political system began to greatly dominate the intellectual discussion that happened around these institutions. Ripe with sensationalism, these papers became hotbeds for debates regarding black and white relations in the county, and following the onset of the civil war, the debate grew to a national scale. The paper of Franklin County called ‘Valley Spirit’ lays bare the economic and social reality experienced in the Civil War period, and showcases rhetoric that was based more off of economic uncertainty then racism.
One of the most dominating topics of discussion in the years prior to the civil war was the idea of abolitionism, and the relations between blacks and whites. Franklin County Pennsylvania at…

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