Economic Aspects of Tourism

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ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF TOURISM Economic aspects of Tourism [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] Economic aspects of Tourism Introduction The study is related to the impacts of tourism on the economy. This issue is most discussed in the countries where there is a lot of tourism activities take place. These activities help a country to boost up its revenue generations as people from different countries come to enjoy their vacations or their leisure time. However, these tourism activates provide sources to a country to become a develop nation due to the revenue generation but these tourists often make problems for the locals, for instance, in London due to the numerous tourists, people face problems at the…show more content…
In some places, tourists vastly outnumber local residents. Annual tourist arrivals in London Heathrow airport, for example, outnumber residents by over six to one that is 7.6 million visitors in 2006. So, a proper management is required regarding the economic activities that involve the tourism and that also involve the expansion of the London Heathrow airport. In contrast, from a supply-side perspective, the tourism industry includes any economic activity that contributes to the production of a tourism commodity. (Tribe, 2005, pp. 10-335)In other words, the tourism industry includes those parts of an economy that would greatly diminish in size or even disappear in the absence of tourism. Although, greatly diminish in not a statistical constant, we can still identify the major economic sectors that are associated with the travel and tourism industry to include: Passenger Transportation Passenger transportation includes airlines, airports, trains, trains, buses, taxis, private automobiles, boats and ferries, cruise ships, the service and repair of these transportation modes, and travel agents and online transportation booking services. In addition, this process involves the important factor that is
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