Economic Condition Of Rag Pickers Affected By The Deonar Dumping Ground Fire

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Economic Condition of Rag pickers affected by the Deonar Dumping Ground Fire By: Harshvardhan Singh Thakur – M2016DSA006 School of Social Work Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai The problem identification Focus on the livelihood of the the people living near Deonar dumping ground came into light when the Dumping ground caught fire in January 2016. causing breathing difficulties for the people in the area surrounded and forcing Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to force shutdown 74 schools for two days. Also BMC has now banned the entry of rag pickers on the Dumping ground which is affecting them and their families since the closure of the site. Now even the BMC is working with the NGOs of that area for issuance of authorized entry cards for the Dumping ground but the problem has not been solved yet. After doing a small survey in the region the information has been find out that most families are still under debt and are suffering due to poverty and unemployment. And how they lack the opportunities to learn new things and to change their family occupation. It has been observed that these people have been involved in this profession for generations now and there is no other profession for them in which they can blend in. As if they are so much accustomed with the rag picking now that they are unable to get out of it. Aim of the study Aim of the study is to understand the actual problems which are faced by the rag pickers of the Deonar dumping

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