Economic Conditions in the US

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Slide 1: Introduction Welcome. The point of this presentation is to outline the case for expansion, specifically to becoming a national presence. We have a strong company, but the world is changing and we have to change with it. This is a risky proposition, yes, but if we equip ourselves with knowledge we will be better equipped to make the right decisions going forward. The presentation will focus on the economic conditions in the US, and then conditions in a number of foreign markets that we should be looking at Brazil, Germany and Japan. Slide 2: The US market has been tough for most businesses, although thankfully consumer staples have not suffered too much. The GDP is increasing at a rate of 3% per year, which is moderate growth. This is fuelled in part by low interest rates, which are at 0.42% for short-term paper. This is to spur further growth. The unemployment rate is declining, and is now at 8.2%. The inflation rate, using the basic Consumer Price Index, is 0.3%. Slide 3: Brazil is one of the booming BRIC economies, and is very accessible to US markets. The St. Louis Fed provides us with economic data on select international countries. The GDP growth rate in Brazil is declining, and sits at 2.26% right now. The current unemployment rate is 6.03%. This economic strength is fuelling inflation, however. Short-term interest rates are at 11.68% and the inflation rate is 6.7%. Slide 4: Brazil remains engaged in a process of modernizing its economy. The
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