Economic Development Of The United States

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Economic – According to the U.S. Census the average median income per house hold in Bedford County is $57,596. The average house is sold for around $195,400. This reveals the county to be in a fairly stable economic state. Many people may be comfortable with their situation and have no needs for extra things.
Social – According to the Bedford county webpage, the county is the perfect balance between a business commonwealth and farming community. They are based off of their History. The county was formed in 1754 by the Fourth Duke of Bedford. The latest records of their political stance shows the county to be around 68.2% Republican, 30.7% Democrat, and 1.1% other. This would make the county fairly conservative, and this will affect the majority of the student’s views towards Government and authority.
Ethnic – According to the Virginia Census the Population of Bedford is right around 68,676 people. The School is predominantly white (85%), then Black (8%), Asian (3%), Hispanic (2%), and two or more races (2%). This will reveal different historical influences on the students 1,
Brookville High School and E.C. Glass High School
Economic – The Median household income according to the U.S. Census is around $47,162. The average house costs around $150,300 in the Campbell County area. This reveals the status of the majority of people living in this area. 1
Social – There are right around 54,885 people living in Campbell County of those 82% of them are white alone. The second…
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