Economic Development in the United States

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Economic Developments in the United States The Republicans dominated Congress to take over the government passing a series of acts that limited the power of the President and Supreme Court. Many former slaves were able to buy land and do more. Farmers found it hard because they didn’t get the hard working labor force any more. Slavery Slaves were most economical on large farms where labor-intensive cash crops were grown. It died down after the American Revolution, but when cotton became more plentiful it rose again. Most white people were racist towards blacks because of their skin color so they used them as slaves for their plantations. States Rights vs. Strong Federal Governments Many people thought that the Federal Government should have the right to overrule state laws for a consistant basis of rights for individuals. Some pointed towards the 10th Amendment and said that they didn’t have the right to observe all powers, and that didn’t give the states the chance to exercise their standards and rights for their communities and social “norms”. The Federal Governments won. Missouri Compromise The Missouri Compromise prohibited slavery in the Louisiana Purchase, with exception of Missouri. It also said that Maine was a free state. It was made to balance the “pro-slavery” states and “anti-slavery” states. Kansas-Nebraska Act The Kansas-Nebraska act repealed the Missouri Compromise and declared Kansas and Nebraska territories. Settlers in the new territories voted
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