Economic Disparities Of The United States

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What Are Some of the Economic Disparities in the United States That Occur Along Geographical, Gender, and Ethnic Dimensions The United States is a vast, diverse region that offers a wide range of economic opportunity. Since the United States is so big, there are a lot of differences between the economy in various regions, genders, and ethnic groups. Some of these variations in the economy are good creating a diverse economy with many different kinds of resources and goods. Some differences, however, are gaps between the poor, the rich, and different ethnicities that create economic gaps in the population. These gaps and diversities creates the United States fast-pace forever changing economy. First, the United States is about 3,806 million square miles. This vast land mass differs in all parts; whether its mountain ranges, raging rivers, dry deserts, or green fields. The U.S. economy still uses natural resources for about 3% of its economy. Even though the U.S has a large amount of oil, they still have to import roughly ten million barrels a day. Domestic oil production as well as natural gas production can be found in the Alaska’s North Slope, the Central Interior of the U.S., and the Gulf Coast. The extraction of natural resources creates more jobs and money for the U.S. but creates dangers for the environment. Natural resources aren’t the only part of the economy that varies regionally. Agriculture differs throughout every part of the country. In the Northeast, dairy
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