Economic Effects of Diabetes on the Elderly

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Economic effects of diabetes on the elderly Diabetes has been described, by doctors, as a metabolic disease in which the patient has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body 's cells do not respond properly to insulin. The overall management of diabetes for older adults would be the same as management for younger adults. Nutritional management is essential for older adults primarily to control malnutrition and the patient being underweight. For older adults, diabetes can not only be difficult for their overall health but also can cause financial hardship. I’ll discuss how Medicare and Medicaid help elevate some of the financial burden that…show more content…
The idea is to give seniors a fixed value voucher and give them options while shopping for coverage in the private insurance market. The voucher system would help control health care cost by allowing seniors to shop for their coverage thus driving the insurance market to keep prices competitive and affordable for seniors. Health policy experts have concluded that if Medicare is to be saved for the next generation, small concessions must be made to allow the program to prosper into the future. Liberal groups argue that cutting entitlement programs such as Medicare may cause a health crisis to epidemic proportions. Liberal groups would rather raise taxes or end tax cuts for the wealthy in order to get the country’s economic crisis contained and Medicare Health policy experts have concluded that if cuts in Medicare occurs, many seniors may not receive basic healthcare. The notion that lawmakers would be asking seniors to tighten their belts while the Federal Government still gives huge tax breaks to millionaires and subsidies to oil companies is wrong and immoral. Critics of the voucher system warns that the system is flawed and would give more control to the insurance companies without supplying any guarantee that seniors could find a plan comparable to traditional Medicare. Replacing Medicare with vouchers for private insurance would shift costs to seniors and increase overall costs by allowing private insurance companies to
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