Economic Effects on College Students Essay

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The economy has affected so many people in so many ways. Over the years the economy has experienced numerous hardships from the real median household income to America’s gross debt. As time passes, not only is education suffering greatly because of the economy, through budget cutbacks and tuition and book increases but college students as well. The economy has affected college students most drastically through By way of decreased taxes and budget cuts schools unfortunately have had to decrease numerous amenities. The price of education has affected my life through the cost of tuition increasing nearly 24 percent over the last five years. Because the economy helped create these escalations, I made the chose to attend a two year college …show more content…
It is unfortunate that college students are those who are affected by the economy when they are already facing many challenges. Commuter students, those who are not residents on college campuses, encounter many difficulties because they have to travel back and forth from school to their homes. According to Amy M. Tenhouse in “Commuter Students” “[u]nlike many full-time residential students, commuter students may have competing responsibilities outside the academic classroom, such as family, home, and work interests.” Moreover, those who commute to school make up about 86 percent of college students who hardily spend any additional time on the campus. To make matters increasingly more demanding, commuter students don’t have as many opportunities to meet with their professors or the other staff members who are their to assist them. There has been an unquestionable number of cuts in programs such as the arts like Christopher Waterman states “You can't teach painting to 40 students or give that many students voice lessons in opera or jazz.” Because schools have become increasingly short on funds they have had to decrease not only arts programs but other classes that aren’t as popular, including Chinese and Geology. Unfortunately, these academic programs are being cut all across the U.S. At Washington State University the department of theater arts and dance has been eliminated. At
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