Economic Environment in India

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Section – A
I. Economic Environment : Meaning, Factors affecting Economic Environment, Basic Features of Indian Economy, India in World Economy. Economic Policies : Agriculture Policy, Industrial Policy, Commercial Policy & Fiscal Policy. Economic Planning : Meaning, Importance, Objectives & Techniques of Planning.


Section – B
I. Significance of Agriculture in Indian Economy and New Agriculture Strategy. Agriculture Finance (specially Kisan Credit Card), Nature of Risk and Uncertainty in Agriculture, Measures to Control Risk and Uncertainty, Agriculture & W.T.O. Industrial growth in India and Prospects. Role of Small Scale Industries and Problems faced by them. Globalisation V/s Small Sector. Role
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: 60 Attempt three questions in all, selecting at least one question from each Section. All questions carry equal marks.. Section-A 3. Explain the causes of underdevelopment of Indian economy and give suggestions for its improvement. Or Write a critical note on 55 years of planned economic development of India. Section-B 4. Explain the concept of liberalisation. What has been the impact of liberalisation on Indian economy? Or Write short notes on the following : (i) (ii) 5. Indian Agriculture and W.T.O. Problems of Public Sector Section-C What is 'poverty'? What are its main causes in India? What steps do you suggest to reduce poverty in India? Or Write notes on the following : (i) (ii) Recent trends of India's Foreign Trade Population Explosion.

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Economic Environment in India
Q.1 Define Environment?

Ans.: Man is a ‘Social Animal’ man in his life time works hard to satisfy his unlimited wants by utilizing the limited resources. For all this he is affected by economic environment. The term environment is concerned with the social cultural, political physical and their influence on related economic life. According to Webster’s Dictionary – “Environment refers to the conditions effects and forces which influence individual and group behavior of human life with natural, social, political and cultural surroundings."

Q. 2

Define Economic Environment?

Ans.: Economic Environment is made

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