Economic, Environmental And Social Aspect Of Sustainability Essay

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Synopsis Introduction Site Comparison Each site location has its pros and cons in terms of economic, environmental and social aspect of sustainability. Since this is a building site for University of Calgary to showcase sustainability, it is important that the building itself is sustainable. Various of criteria will be set in correspondence to these three aspects of sustainability to quantify the sustainable value of each site. Environmental Sustainability Figure 1. Site 1 Flood Zone and Green Area Figure 2. Site 2 Flood Zone and Green Area Figure 3. Site 3 Flood Zone and Green Area Flood Zone Flooding from the river is one of the key natural disaster that Calgary faces, hence, one of the major concerns of the sustainability of this building is whether the site is situated within the flood zone. Per the Province of Alberta Flood Hazard Map (See Appendix A), the flood line of each location is mapped in Figure 1, 2, and 3. From that, we can conclude that site 2 will not be affected by the flood, whereas site 1 is situated very close to the flood line and site 3 completely overlaps with it, which may not be the optimal site. APPENDIX A of FLOOD MAP Green Area The quality of air and the accessibility to green area is a key factor to the environmental sustainability of this building. Areas of public parks and green spaces are mapped in green in the figures above (1). Site 1 arguably has the least amount of green space. There are two city parks located within
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