Economic, Environmental And Social Aspects Of Wellbeing

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1.0 Introduction and background
The aim of this report is to discover the inequalities in Africa. This will be done by analysing the 3 main topics economic, environmental and social aspects of wellbeing in Africa. Located on the southern end of the African continent, north of Zimbabwe and Mozambique and surrounded by Atlantic ocean and Indian ocean is a continent that Covers 1 221 040 square kilometres. South Africa only takes over 4%of the lands area but is 3 times the size of Texas and 5 times bigger than Great Britain. The estimated population of South Africa in 2013 was 52.982 it shows a big growing raise throughout each year. This country holds a variety of different races and religions like white, dark, Christian and some other major religions.

2.0 focus of study
In this report it will cover 3 different topics economic, environmental and social to give a clean explanation of what inequalities and wellbeing is. Inequalities in wellbeing is the different amounts of wellbeing in each country, some parts will be very good and others will be poor. Inequalities is saying one part of a country could be very wealthy and have a lot of supply’s and goods but the other half of the country could be struggling and be poor it just depends where you are in the worlds, how well your links are with water, food, education and a good paying job.

3.0 study area
This report is based on one country and its discussing the different ways inequality

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