Economic Exchange within a Globalized World

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The modern globalized world has been greatly affected by the increased economic exchange between nations. The present construct of politics and social stature is in essence the product of this globalization. Globalization is the international integration or interaction of resources which comes from the exchange of products and ideas between nations (Globalization n.d.). The process of globalization is mainly caused by economic exchange. This exchange can range from the trade of materials, to investment of money in foreign banks, and to the technology which has given rise to a more interconnected world. Consequently globalization can be seen have a great influence on not only the political powers which govern the economic exchange but also on the social inequality that exists due to globalizations vast effects on both physical and biological factors of our current environment such as culture, environment, economic development, and the human condition (Globalization n.d.). Therefore although there has been much improvement and change in modern society due to increased economic exchange its primary goal is not to lend happiness or protect human rights but to benefit both private investors and high government official which control political power by increasing their own wealth. By solely aiding those already in power and those that possess wealth, economic exchange due to globalization keeps poverty levels high and generates social inequality.
Within this globalized world,
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