Economic Factors Affecting Microsoft

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2. Economic factors
The economic stability of the majority of developed countries, the class disposable income and the economy growth rates in each country, affect the company’s performance in these markets. Microsoft can expect a stable performance in those countries with the strongest economies.
3. Social/sociocultural factors impacted by factors such as demographic changes, changes in consumer attitudes and opinions towards consumer electronics products and services, media perception of the brand and health and welfare of target customer segment, cultural diversity, stable demand and customer satisfaction.
4. Technological factors
Include new products or services introduced within the industry, the speed of technological evolution and the need to keep pace. The
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Internal environment factors that influence Microsoft
The internal environment focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of a company, which give them a certain advantages and disadvantages in meeting the needs of its target market.
The Microsoft ability to operate across different cultures in a highly globalized market world is an important competitive advantage that has generated capability to successfully enter in to foreign markets without negative effects. The company is also using cross-cultural teams to increase efficiency and to effectively face external challenges.
The strong brand recognition among target costumers helps Microsoft in launching new products in the market. The company has a highly intellectual workforce leading to new ideas being bounced and incorporated in the production process, fostering innovation and with the streamlined production process, creates successful products and generates more revenues by releasing newer version of each
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