Economic Factors And The High Level Of National Productivity

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Macroeconomics concerned with the large scale of economic factors and the high level of national productivity. Employment is also the big issue of macroeconomics. Due to the increase in population and also increase in technological improvement people nowadays facing a high chance of unemployment rate in the world. Many and more new product is develop in the world by the help of the technology and its robotic process.
The author Stefan Hajkowicz of journal article “Automation won’t destroy jobs, but it will change them” have different saying on the increasing unemployment rate. He was senior principal scientist on strategy and foresight. According to him people will get chance to get employment in today’s world due to change in the technology. Before people had to scrub the floor by their own hands, but now they were scrubbing by the machine. In his view, to operate the machine the manpower is still needed. The work get easier nowadays but people is still needed for the job done. So it is changing the way of doing work.
We are in the rapid change of technology-fueled in the labor market. The rapid growth on the device connectivity, platform economies, e-commerce, social media, and overall internet penetration will change the nature of work. People is getting the simple and convenient job due to the help of rapid change in employment.
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In every economy there are four principle macroeconomic objectives; full employment, economic growth, price stability and…
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