Economic Factors Of The Migration

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decision? Economic reasons are the key factor to migration. The poor financial condition and unemployment drives migrants to urban areas or other countries. Skilled labor get better job opportunities and wages when immigrate. Migration to urban area helps immigrants to overcome poverty and provide a better financial condition. Most of the migrants invest their money in education and financial investments. Non- economic factors include the better quality of life and better education. In most of the rural area, the educational system and standard of living is very low so when the migrants are better employed and gets better income they move their family to urban life. c) What are the main determinants of the migration decision? The main reason for migration is the individual’s comparison with the cost of migration and the benefits from it. If the benefit is larger, then the individual decides to migrate. The cost-benefit analysis depends on socio-economic characteristics (like the labor market status, the level of human capital), social and cultural characteristic view (like languages), distance to move and social securities. Two factors of determinants of the migration are micro (individual level) and macro (aggregate). • Micro level: The most important for determinants of the migration in individual level are the immediate job opportunities and high wages by other countries. Other factors are low price for housing and good quality of life. • Macro level: Socio-economic
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