Economic Growth And Development Of Host Countries

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The world has experienced economic growth and development over the past years. As a result of this, some countries experience high growth of mega-cities and urbanization in general. Wang et al. (2009) noted that, migration of the world population into the world cities have almost doubled since 20th century. The growth of cities has been associated to high living standards and high social status of the people. Fujita (2012) in his report realized that, the booming urbanization has led to the growth of most countries ' GDP.
Even though, there is already massive development in growth of urbanization across the globe, the growth is projected to continue at a greater rate than before. With the developing countries expected to experience rising number of megacities. In addition, a greater population is expected to invade the cities continuously. Moreover, the increasing number of cities has been noted to contribute tremendously to economic development of host countries. According to Liotta (2012), a booming political economy within the cities drives the development of developing countries.
However, despite the huge benefits of the growth and development of megacities across the world, most urbanists and economists have realized that, there is persistent overpopulation and poverty in most Asia, Africa and Latin America countries. This has incapacitated the urbanization efforts and strengths of most countries. Kaplan (2012) points out that, most megacities across the globe face…
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