Economic Growth And Economic Development

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Introduction Economic growth is the most influential tool for decreasing poverty and refining the value of life in evolving countries. Both research and case studies over different countries provide overshadowing signs that speedy and continued growth is crucial to making faster progress towards the MDG (Millennium Development Goals) and not just the first goal of splitting the global share of people living on less than $1 a day. Evolution can produce honorable circles of wealth and opportunity. Strong evolution and employment opportunities improve reasons for parents to devote to their children’s education by putting them in school. This may lead to the rise of a strong and emergent group of entrepreneurs, which should create pressure for higher quality authorities. Solid economic development will thus advance human development, which, in turn, will help economic growth. An effective plan for poverty reduction must have its core actions to encourage fast and sustained economic development. The challenge for plans is to associate growth-developing strategies with policies that allow the poor to contribute wholly in the opportunities released and to participate to that evolution. This includes plans to improve labor markets, erase gender inequalities and increase financial standings. The future growth of China will need to be built on a progressively globalized world that proposes new openings but also new challenges. New science proposes improved projections through both
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