Economic Growth And Its Effect On The Economy Essay

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Economic growth involves in an increase in the production of goods and services in an economy. Sustainable economic growth is a rate of growth that can be maintained by an economy without producing other future economic problems. Sustainable growth is desirable to households because if there is excessive growth, goods and services become more expensive, so there is a fall in savings, and if there is negative growth unemployment occurs due to a surplus of labour leading to less disposable income. For firms, sustainable growth is desirable because if the rate of growth is too high then there is a shortage in labour and difficulties too trade, or if the rate is too low then the firms’ income decreases due to a decrease in price of goods and services. Sustainable economic growth is desirable for government because if the rate of growth is too high then they will have excessive credit but if it is too low then they will be in excessive debt. It is important for NZ’s economy that has just come out of a global recession to have sustainable growth in order to maintain their standard of living relative to other countries. All aspects of the economy need to be at a balance in order to reduce resource depletion as well as ensuring the economy is still developing. The fiscal and monetary policies are two policies that can be implemented to influence an economy to achieve price stability, sustainable economic growth, and attaining full employment, the three macroeconomic of government.
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