Economic Growth Brings Greater Happiness

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Economic growth brings greater happiness- how far do you agree with this statement?

What is happiness? It is just one word, but every person has his own view on this question. Happiness is a basic of nature. Somebody think that it is God’s gift or result of luck, but some people claim that happiness is in your hands, you do it by yourself, you have to achieve your aims to be happy. Some people confuse happiness to pleasure, pleasure is a drink of water in the hot day, a comfortable bed after difficult day, but the happiness is absolutely another. The traveler is happy when he reached a peak of mountain, but he is not pleased, because he knows that in future he has to go down. The pleasure is a result, the happiness is a way. Although,
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”There is still disagreement about details, but some researchers believe there is close to complete adaptation to rises income” (Oswald, 2006). Humans also adjust to their needs in answer to what other people have. For example, poor men prove his love to a wife giving her just one rose, but rich man has to present a hundred roses. And, of course one of the major factors of happiness is value. People feel more happy and better when they can trust other people. Unfortunately, the proportion of trusters in the UK has gone down from 56% in 1959 to 31% in 1995 and the proportion in the US quite similar (Layard, 2003). Today people less think about others interest, they worry only about themselves.

Also, there is another point of view, that economic growth definitely can bring greater happiness. Pew Global Attitudes survey finds that more than 45000 people in different countries are more satisfied with their lives in the last 5 years (Stockes, 2007). Moreover, it is linked with improvements in income. This example we can see in countries like China, India and Latin America. They think that to live in rich country is to be happy. But people in poor countries are more optimistic than in rich countries. The Pew survey shows that optimism-as defined by the difference between where people stand themselves on the ladder of
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