Economic Growth Of China And Its Effect On The Environment

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Title: Economic growth in china and its effect on the environment in china. Abstract: Economic development is very critical for better future of any country and its residence but for one to gain something thing they must lose something. This has been the case with china’s economy and the environment. China’s growing manufacturing sector and increase in consumption has taken the country’s economy to new heights. Today china is one of the largest economic powerhouse in world, but at what cost. China’s manufacturing sector is the largest in the world. It creates massive air pollution and waste. My paper will illustrate numerous dominant sources of economic growth in china and its colossal impact on the environment in china. In addition, my paper will discuss policies made for betterment of the environment. Introduction What is Economic Growth? Economic growth can have several meanings. Numerous economic books define economic growth as an increase in production and consumption of goods over certain period of time. Economic growth can also mean an increase in living standard of people in the given area. From another perspective it can also be said economic growth leads to betterment of living standards. Economic growth is measured through observing the change in Gross Domestic Product of a country’s economy. GDP is assumed to be the most accurate indicator of Economic change in a given country. But the result don’t always reflect the accurate economic condition of the
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