Economic Hardship in the United States

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Economic Hardship in the United States The United States has developed a set of economic circumstance in which it has not seen in quite some time; with regard to some factors it has never seen such circumstances. For example, student and credit card debt has reached unprecedented heights. This is also coupled with a slow jobs market as well as a lack or inability to save or invest for retirement. In this environment, the younger generations face an incredible hardship if their finances are not planned accordingly. Therefore, the prudent student will likely be far ahead of his peers financially. Whereas the value of a higher education was once clear, in today's environment There are reports that have been produced in the last couple years that state nearly half of college graduates work in jobs that do not actually require a degree. Even though these students are technically employed, they can be considered underemployed and often having trouble repaying their student loans. The student loan debt can be crippling if students are not able to find the type of job in which they studied for. Many students are not able to find jobs in the salary range that they expected while others do not earn degrees that have much value in the job market at all. In some of the reports that have emerged it is not uncommon to hear that a sample of taxi drivers had a large percent of their workforce that held bachelor's degrees. Another issue with new student graduates is finding any
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