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The Economic Impact of SUVs “The SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is one of the most popular types of vehicle to both own and drive. Last year, SUVs and minivans outsold conventional cars for the first time. However, the SUV is increasingly coming under attack for its fuel economy, emissions standards and safety record. Vehicle fuel efficiency across the US is now at its lowest level since 1980. However, former California governor Gray Davis signed legislation requiring the California Air Resources Board to develop regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. This includes SUVs. California accounts for 13 percent of the nation's auto market, so manufacturers of cars, SUVs and trucks are sure to comply with the …show more content…
SUV drivers are also more likely to be drunk. And SUV drivers are less likely to wear their seatbelts. The Insurance Institute monitors actual driver deaths for Highway Safety, and as you can see, the average driver death rates were lower in large vehicles but there was a significance overlap between vehicles categories (Status, 2007).

|Model of Vehicle |# Of Models |# Of Fatalities (per million) |
|Small 4 door cars |14 |45-191 |
|Mid-size 4 door cars |17 |14-130 |
|Lrge 4 door cars |11 |57-118 |
|Md-size luxury |8 |11-54 |
|Lrge luxury |11 |14-85 |
|Lrge mini-vans |5 |36-97 |
|Vry large mini-vans
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