Economic Impact Of 9 / 11

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On September eleventh, 2001, the most prolific terrorist attack of modern history took place on American soil. The discussion about 9/11 consistently revolves around its direct impact on American lives and the military response from the United States. The destruction from the attacks consumes the majority of information taught to students and citizens across American; however, the effects of 9/11 go much further. Economies across the world felt the impact following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers, an impact that can still be felt today. If the Twin Towers still stood today, we would be living with a completely different economy.
Prior to the terrorist attacks on September eleventh, the United States economy was stable and the majority of Americans were satisfied with the country. The Prosperity of the 1990s was due to low inflation and low unemployment rate, along with a payroll increase beginning in 1992 and concluding in 2000 (Wikipedia). However, economic uncertainty arose in the 1990s mostly due to the Asian crisis, which led to suspicion of a bubble, and in 2000 the NASDAQ crashed(Wikipedia). According to Pew Research Center, the years leading up to 2000, the majority of the public and elites in America saw globalization as a benefit to the United States Economy. The rise of China as a global power of the world was seen as an important problem that needed to be controlled. Overall the economy in the decade before 9/11 was positive, with no major
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