Economic Impact Of The Climate Change On The Southeastern Region Of The U.s. And Texas

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Economic Impacts of the Climate Change in the Southeastern Region of the U.S. and Texas Presented to Prof. Robin Kessler Prepared by Daniel Aru BA 3350 November 5, 2015 Table of Contents: Executive summary ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 General trends ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Texas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Recommendations…show more content…
• Rising mortality rates. Some recommendations that may decrease the economic impacts of the climate change: • Change everyday business practices to become more resilient. • Incorporate climate risk assessment in to capital expenditure and balance sheets. • Institute policies to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Introduction: Climate change is a real issue that can lead to severe economic losses to the public and private sectors of the U.S., not mentioning human casualties. This report focuses on the general effects of the climate change in the economic sector affecting businesses specifically in the Southeastern region of the U.S. and Texas. Climate change will cost millions of dollars in labor productivity decline, energy demand will significantly increase, and the agricultural sector will suffer considerably losses. General Trends The southeastern United States and Texas will face significant economic risks from the continuous climate change. The risks vary from different states, which will be explained in general. Texas is going to be focused deeply in separate. Despite the variability in each region, we can identify some general trends in how the states in the southeastern United States and Texas will react to the climate change. • Increasing heat: the southeastern region of the U.S. is more likely to have a considerably rise in temperature than any other region of the nation. Residents may have two to four times more days with temperatures
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