Economic Injustice During The Middle East And South Africa

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Economic Injustice In Education System Abstract This paper is presented with the empirical investigation of the inequality of education opportunities, that are limitless, effected by economic injustice throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The inequality of opportunities, plays a significant role in the lack of educational achievements in the Middle East and MENA countries. Gender equality, poverty, and community can be significant reason on why younger adults are not given the opportunity for higher education or education overall. Economic injustice in education, are due to the fact that many citizens can 't afford to attend high school or college. Due to this, it has resulted in a high percentage of illiteracy in the Middle East and the majority of MENA countries. Gender equality, one of the biggest vital role that plays in the cause of economic injustice in education system in the Middle East. Women are not expected to go to school or make it to a higher level of education, but instead they are expected to stay home and tend to their families. In the Middle East, religious prejudices often prevent girls from attending school as well. Economic injustice in education is flourishing because child labor to prop up household incomes when times are tough, due to the lack of developed insurance or saving systems in these countries. Access to educate has evolved dramatically over the decades , and there has been a number of encouraging trends in girls '…
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