Economic Interactions And Development : After Wwii

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Economic Interactions & Development: After WWII, the state of South Korea became an independent state, this sudden loss of Japan as trade partner during WWII resulted in major economic issues for this new nation (Just to be clear, Japan controlled the Korean peninsula during the second world war; this made the now annexed state of Korea a colony of Japan in which the Japanese government provided services and trade). Up until the Korean War (1950-1953), the economy of South Korea was in ruins with their only support in the form of American economic aid. After the Korean war, attempts were made by the new government to industrialize the nation 's labor but the economy of South Korea stagnated and political instability prevented any further growth until a new government took its place.
Environmental Interactions & Development: Prior to 1970s, South Korea had a light environmental impact in terms of pollution but also in terms of resource extraction. South Korea lacks enough mineral resources for it to be industrially profitable as most of the small amount of ores, oil, and other natural resources in the peninsula are held by North Korea.
Cultural Interactions & Development: Before the creation of two separate Korean States, the culture or Korea was universal and united under the land of the Korean influence. During the latter part of this time following the Korean war, both sides were involved in the creation of independent national identities. North Korea created their
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