Economic Issues Simulation

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Economic Issues Simulation

Economic Issues Simulation: Constructit Constructit is a company which does not presently have any employees with health insurance benefits. The company employs 1000 people and are willing to fund annual premiums as long as they can pay $4,000 per person. The employees comprise of 550 men and 450 women, ranging in ages 26 to 45. Furthermore, the workers 57% of the workers range from high activity to moderate activity while the 43% that remain are in predominantly sedentary positions. The employer must calculate what kind of risks the employee will face when considering what type of insurance to offer the employees. In this scenario, 38% of the employees are not at any major risk whatsoever.
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I would also suggest to include vision screening, hearing screening, and the male/female sterilization services. The cost for these services is relatively low and they are standard services which should be include in any insurance plan. Eliminating these standard services would deter employees from getting involved with the insurance plan as a whole so the company would suffer. Custodial coverage should be another service included with the plan. This additional service is not high cost and the amount of utilization is relatively low. Deciding on this plan while including vision and hearing screenings, male/female sterilization, and custodial care; and removing obesity treatment services, would result in the premium costing approximately $3,943. The total number is just slightly under the budget of $4,000. The use of this plan will make Castor Hall up to $3.94 million from Constructit. This would be a very profitable choice for Castor Hall. I personally would not select Castor Standard insurance because it limits the employees that are applicable for that coverage. This particular plan does not include individuals with pre-existing conditions and other employees with issues with obesity. Furthermore, the fact that 39% of the group has obesity issues, there is a real possibility that there are

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