Economic Issues Simulation Paper

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Economic Issues Simulation Paper

Milagros García


November 9th, 2011

Professor Larry Gonzales

Health Care Plan Issues

Today’s workplace has expanded with a variety of men and women working for different businesses throughout the United States. The increase of working men and women has brought successful businesses to thrive and meet company’s needs and goals. Employers offer hourly or salary wages to his or her employees and may also include benefits. Every business must have insurance for the company just in case something was to happen, such as a fire, a break in, employee injury or accident. Companies also provide employees health benefits, but the company must choose and decide to work with a health insurance
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The Castor standard plan is a basic plan that offers low premiums, but does not cover preexisting conditions. The Castor Enhanced plan does cover preexisting conditions and offers more services than the Castor Standard plan, but the premium is much higher. The representatives of Castor insurance have to help two different groups to choose the proper plan for their company.


These two groups are Constructit and E- editors. The differences between both have to do with the goods and services that were agreed upon and included within the plan of each. Constructit is a group that has 1,000 people and based on their maximal annual premium they are willing to pay $4,000 per person. E- editors, on the other hand, has 1,600 people in its group and is willing to pay the highest premium of $4,500 per person. Castor Collins will help both companies achieve a plan that is constructed based on the information given by the employees that work within the companies. The group that I will move forward with is Constructit because although it has a small group of people the amount they are willing to pay will help castor insurance gain in profit with minimal risks.

The Constructit Company

The plan that fits Constructit is the Castor Enhanced Minor plan because the plan has lower risks by including fewer services. The premium being charged to constructit is
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