Economic Justice Of All Is A Pastoral Message

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Economic Justice of All is a pastoral message that calls upon believers in Christ to use the Gospel to strengthen and improve the economy. It asks us to “measure…not only by what it produces, but also by how it touches human life and whether it protects or undermines the dignity of the human person” (EJA, vi). Throughout this reading, the authors are making the point that every economic decision has human consequences and moral content; they affect our communities, families, and land. “This letter is a personal invitation to Catholics to use the resources of our faith, the strength in our economy, and the opportunities of our democracy to shape a society that better protects (our) dignity and human rights” (EJA, vi). While they do specifically call for Christians, they later proclaim that they would be willing to accept any believer in Christ to join their mission. Even though they were listed in the introduction, it is difficult to develop an in-depth understanding of the main themes of the letter without reading it in its entirety. The letter has three main themes: human rights, human dignity, and the poor. They call for us to use the scripture to help guide our economic decisions to ensure the protection of these themes. “The pastoral letter is not a blueprint for the American economy” (EJA, vii). This letter is not to be used to develop a theory about the economy, but to discover the standards for our economic lives. As mentioned above, every decision made within the
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