Economic Lens In The Workplace

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In the show, “The Office” we can apply an economic lens. We can apply the economic lens through the workers and how they see and act towards one another. Michael Scott is the dictator of this show, he tells everyone what to do and when to do it. When the warehouse people were finishing up training people on safety in the workplace,Michael got offended when Darrell told him it was like playing nerf in the workplace, that basically it’s a joke and it tested Michaels authority at work. He then changed his attitude to make everyone think that it’s the best job ever. He tried to convince all the workers while acting depressed and tried to kill himself by jumping off the roof of the building and calling the workers “blue collared workers” while everyone was watching, even though he wasn’t actually going to jump off the building. He tried to explain through his actions that the workplace is a much more dangerous environment than they make think. This was made out to be really funny but could happen in real life to some companies.…show more content…
When Kelly was talking to her boyfriend, everyone was placing bets on different stuff around the office. Many people placed bets on how Kelly mentions many romantic movies. She mentions how many times she would say one specific word and how long she takes walks. The gender lens is played in this because it is known/said that girls take their time while walking and say a word repeatedly in the same sentence. Kelly makes long conversations with her boyfriend, like how he asked a simple question and she would just drag the answer on and on as the whole office listened and watched her. Women are always said to do this but in the scene/situation it was over
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